HI ye ALL!

We at ZULU MARKETS are happy that you decided to shop with us.  We hook you up with cool products from all over the globe and from all different suppliers.  We hope you enjoy shopping with us.  Here are some good T&C about our site.

1-We do not sell the products our self, all our sourced and drop shipped direct from the supplier to you.

2-We make sure you get your product if we dont we will process a refund to you.

3-All payment are in full and processed by our card payment system.  It is secure and safe.

4-Shipping charges are standard and included unless it is specified by the supplier if extra ship cost is needed.

5-Please read all product information before purchases.


1-If product is defective please message our customer service and we will work out a replacement or refund for you with the supplier.

2-If product is did not reach you or lost with in 30 days of purchase we will process a refund to you or another shipment depending on the supplier.

3-Any mail or stolen packages will not be tolerated.

4-Charge back after purchase delivery will be handled by your card company and our processing payment company.

5-ZULU MARKETS reserve the right to cut off all communication with abusive customers or fraudulent purchasers.

6-ZUKU MARKETS reserve the right to update and change our policy as we see fit.

7-Customers should work out any dispute with the supplier and supplier information will be given on request if needed.

8-ZULU Markets has the right to reject refund claims.

If you have a question you can contact our customer service directly on our customer service page.